We Help Each Other

P4P members share information about preparedness efforts happening at our schools in hopes of helping others to replicate the efforts at their own schools. We talk about how to:

  • Develop relationships with school administrators
  • Improve biannual earthquake drills
  • Store emergency supplies
  • Initiate parent/child reunification drills
  • Make classrooms safer through non-structural hazard mitigation (furniture strapping)
We Do Community Outreach

P4P members do educational outreach to increase awareness of earthquake risks and provide information about how to prepare. We frequently do presentations for Parent Teacher Associations/Organizations (PTAs & PTOs), after-school programs, preschools, and daycares.

We Advocate

A few P4P leaders are working on advocating at the local (school board) and state (legislature) level. The type of work we’re doing should be institutionalized – so that ALL children can benefit. We’re believe it’s an equity issue that needs to be addressed. We hope to provide local and state decision makers with information about how they can contribute to student and staff safety.